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Other Clinical Staff

Practice Care Coordinator

Stacey Wainwright (RGN) 

The role is to support the most vulnerable patients and those at risk of ongoing hospital admissions within the Practice community.

The caseload has increased steadily and now over one hundred patients have been identified and actively managed to continue living independently, with the support for those caring for them.

More recently, work has started to identify people who have become very frail and are at risk of falls and self-neglect.  This requires good communication between the medical team, family, carers and Stacey to guarantee timely support for those ‘in need’ is effective.

Stacey will attend weekly meetings with other care coordinators along with representatives from Adult Social Care, Community Nursing, Hospice @ Home and other specialist nurses to ensure those with complex needs receive the most appropriate care.

Referrals continue to come from the medical team, families, carers and other professionals involved in a person’s care.  These referrals need to continue to make certain that the most vulnerable patients are given the opportunity to be fully involved in their healthcare provision and express their wishes for the future of their care.

As the Care Coordinator for Billinghay Medical Practice, Stacey’s work will continue to be varied and interesting.  Dealing with the pressures from an ever-changing Health and Social care system is challenging and requires everyone to pull together through community projects and neighbourly care.  This means that those patients are supported to maintain independence and wellbeing. Work continues…

Clinical Pharmacist

Nikki Fashoro

Experience both in Community and Hospital Pharmacy. Studied at Sunderland and registered with RPSGB in 1996.

The primary role of a clinical pharmacist is to improve patient outcomes relating to medicines by promoting medicine optimisation.

My role will be focusing mostly on medication reviews, processing discharge letters and audits.

Identify patients for medicine review by supporting patients to get the best use of their medication, using trusted sources of evidence base information in helping medication queries and related issues, this would free up the GP to help more patients.

The medicine review is a structured, critical examination of a patient’s medication with the objective of reaching an agreement with the patient about treatment, maximising the use of medicines, minimising the number of medication related problems and reducing waste.

During the process which can be face-to-face or over the telephone, we would check the medication is appropriate, effective, required and ensure any monitoring is done.


Mental Health Practitioner

Hailey Eaton

The role of the Senior Mental Health Practitioner is to provide patients with front line access to mental health trained staff within the GP surgery.

We can offer assessment of your mental health needs for anyone aged 18 and over, this could be an initial presentation with mental health or for someone who has long term mental health problems and is not currently open to services.  We provide support to those that may not be sure they want input from services yet or need motivation to engage.

From the assessment we create a plan of care dependant on your needs. Whether this be that support within practice initially or referral onward to other community or voluntary services if needed.

This role has been rolled out over all the GP in Lincolnshire to improve access to support as well as supporting GP colleagues.

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