Billinghay Medical Practice

Billinghay Medical Practice

39 High Street, Billinghay, Lincoln, LN4 4AU

Current time is 08:55 - We're open


Telephone: 01526 860490

Out of Hours: 111


Billinghay Medical Practice Dispensary is a very busy and organised place to work, run by 10 staff with different backgrounds, experience levels and personalities, working different hours to come together to make an excellent team with only ONE aim.  To strive to give our patients the medication they require in a safe, accurate and timely manner.

No day is the same and brings different challenges for our team.  We have a robust rota giving the team specific jobs to ensure all processes are completed as safely and smoothly as possible, whilst adhering to all standard operating procedures which are in place to protect both the staff and patients.

We have four main areas of work:

The “Administration corner”.  This is where the dispensing process begins.  All requests for medication from telephone, internet and prescription counter foils are turned into prescriptions so that the Doctors can check, authorise and sign before they can be made up. All the medication is also ordered at this position so that we have everything required to satisfy the patient’s request.

The “Order coming in position” is where the big crates of medication come in and have to be logged on the computer and put on the shelves ready for the dispenser to make up the individual patient’s medication.

The “Dispensing position” is where the prescription medication gets prepared and labelled and put into bags ready for the patients to collect.

The team member that patients see the most is the person serving on the hatch.  He or she gives out medication and deals with all manner of queries the patients bring to us and meeting all the patient’s medication needs.

The days are very busy and each member of the team moves around the various positions to give them a variety of tasks.  This helps to maintain concentration levels whilst ensuring the continuity and completion of all tasks; the end result being the patients get their medication prepared in a safe, accurate and timely manner.

Mrs Sarah Kearns (f) – Dispensary Manager

Ms Annette Turner (f) – Lead Dispenser

Mrs Karen Wood (f)

Mrs Janey Howlett (f)

Mrs Vanessa Jennings (f)

Mrs Mandy Farrell (f)

Mrs Judith Leeper (f)

Mr Joe Salter (m)

Ms Paula Sylvester (f)

Mrs Nicola Raby (f) – Starting January 2021