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Flu Vaccination 2020

Last Updated: 27 September 2020.


Billinghay Medical Practice Flu Clinics 2020


Please see below our plan as of 27 September 2020 which is subject to change at short notice.

Prior to the next clinic, we either write to you or send a text message to your registered mobile number allocating you a 30 minute time-slot to arrive at the Practice.  PLEASE arrive within this time to ensure we only have a manageable amount of patients waiting at any time.  If you cannot attend during this time slot, please DO NOT just turn up.  This could cause mass gatherings at the Practice which MUST be avoided.  Further clinics WILL be made available.

The ONLY exception to the above is if you are reliant on a lift and your helper cannot attend at the allocated time.  Please note: you may have to wait longer to be allowed entry to the Practice.


As you will all be aware, this year’s flu campaign will be more complex than usual.  We expect a higher than normal uptake whilst maintaining ‘strict’ social distancing measures.

The plan may have to be adapted as we receive more details, and we will update this page with the latest information.  It would be very much appreciated if you avoided contacting us with specific questions at this time as the surgery is extremely busy seeing patients for ongoing medical matters.

The vaccination clinics will be split into the following cohorts of patients; this is due to the delivery schedule of the vaccine which is beyond our control.  PLEASE only attend the correct clinic for your cohort of patients.  If you cannot attend your designated date / time-slot, please keep monitoring this page for updates on additional clinic dates or when we can offer you a bookable appointment.

  • COHORT 1 – Patients aged 65 and over

Next Clinic date / Time – likely to be during October 2020 alongside the under 65s ‘at risk’ (9am – 1pm – time-slot allocated by letter or text message).  If you were unable to attend either of the previous clinics you can either wait for the next date (see below), or contact Reception who will book you an appointment with a Nurse / HCA.

  • COHORT 2 – Patients aged 18 to 64 at Risk (i.e. with a Chronic Health Condition)

Next Clinic date / Time – likely to be during October 2020 as vaccines will not be delivered to us until October

  • COHORT 3 – Children

Next Clinic date / Time – likely to be during October 2020 by pre-booked appointment 

  • COHORT 4 – Patients aged 50 to 64 (without a Chronic Health Condition)

This is subject to availability, vaccines will be available from November 2020.  We are not permitted to vaccinate anyone in this cohort (unless they are already in the 18-64s at risk group) before November 2020 at the earliest.


How will the clinics run?

Patients will be streamed into 2 entrances of the Practice (socially distanced), vaccinated and leave through a different door.

We reserve the right to take your temperature (and ask screening questions) if we have any concerns that you are showing visible symptoms of Coronavirus prior to allowing access to the Practice.

All patients MUST wear a face covering before entering the Practice.  This is MANDATORY, anyone refusing, will not be vaccinated.

Vehicles will NOT be allowed into the Practice car park due to the HIGH risk of injuring another patient waiting.  Please make arrangements to either walk or street-park safely.  If you are disabled, we will make alternative arrangements on the day which may include being vaccinated in your vehicle.

Please wear suitable clothing to stay dry and warm as you will not be able to come inside the Practice until it is safe to be vaccinated.  Once inside the Practice, it would be beneficial to be able to easily remove outer layers so we can access your upper arm easily.

Once vaccinated, please vacate the premises immediately to allow other patients to attend.

Finally, please be kind to our staff and other patients.  We are working extremely hard to help you get vaccinated whilst keeping you safe.

Kind regards.

Dr Leeper / Dr Passfield



As MANDATED by the NHS, we will be using two types of vaccine in our flu vaccination programme this year.

  • Adjuvanted trivalent flu vaccine (aTIV) – people aged 65 and over.
  • Quadrivalent vaccine (QIV) – people aged 18 to 64 years who are in a clinical risk group.
  • Extended cohort for Coronavirus (all over-50s, people shielding and those who live with them and children in their first year of secondary school) details ot follow when Practice guidance is published.


You can often treat the flu without seeing your GP and should begin to feel better in about a week.

Check if you have flu

Flu symptoms come on very quickly and can include:

  • a sudden fever – a temperature of 38C or above
  • aching body
  • feeling tired or exhausted
  • dry, chesty cough
  • sore throat
  • headache
  • difficulty sleeping
  • loss of appetite
  • diarrhoea or tummy pain
  • nausea and being sick
  • The symptoms are similar for children, but they can also get pain in their ear and appear less active.

For more details please see NHS Choices –