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Posted on May 17th, 2020

I’m sure we’ve all been kept busy supporting our community in all sorts of ways & without any shadow of doubt those people really are appreciative of the kindness being shown, the reason I’m so sure is that I’ve had the pleasure of chatting to many locals who are receiving our MATEs service. this maybe due to mobility or isolation.

However this is all testimony to the very need to set up the complimentary SIRs [Social Isolation Responder] service, which is to ring and chat with someone to lift spirits and reduce the loneliness of a long day when not seeing or hearing from anyone, in fact one lady made comment that she missed the traffic as it was now so quiet on the Martin road, another said she dreaded hearing the ambulance siren, these are a couple of comments heard but can make a difference by just listening and giving reassurance that we will get through this together, our Queen put ‘We will Meet Again’….a very subtle reference to Dame Vera maybe!

The SIR service has a freephone 0800 883 2111 very kindly sponsored by Harrisons Security, therefore the service has been offered out to other groups offering a similar service within their community and across Lincolnshire set up as a buffer to support people who just need a friendly chat, non-clinical, non-judgmental just a friendly Listening ear during this period of uncertainty and isolation Safety, Security and Simplicity are paramount to the service, responder phone volunteers are from reliable organisations, the main area of concern is to reach those in need as so often we don’t identify ourselves and can be difficult to approach someone you maybe don’t know.