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Suicide Prevention

Posted on August 6th, 2021

A BETTER WAY Suicide Prevention and Happier Living for Men in Lincolnshire Campaign launches support directory, one-to-one sessions and more

A database of emotional support options for men in Lincolnshire has been launched.  A Better Way, by Lincolnshire charity HWLincs, offers one-to-one support, support options by contact method and happier living tools.

The website ( splits support groups into the preferred method of contact, from phone to text and webchats. This gives visitors instant access to the service that suits them best.

Other quick information available includes: ‘How men can best approach their GP with emotional issues’ in addition to ‘Unhelpful habits to spot in themselves and in others’.

The campaign also aims to combat loneliness by providing details of self-help groups that meet across Lincolnshire.

HWLincs Project Officer Tom Cassidy said: “There have never been more opportunities for men to get help and improve their mental health yet the number of suicides remains heartbreakingly high.” Many factors add to this, with depression and loneliness high on the list.

As part of A Better Way, HWLincs is also offering men a one-to-one Offload Central Session, which lets men spend an hour to talk through their feelings with a trained councillor. They will then be sent a tailor-made list of suggestions of next steps on their journey to living a happier life.

Tom said A Better Way is designed to let people know what help is available and that exploring these options isn’t a sign of weakness, it’s a sign of strength and a major step in the right direction.

“Nobody you’ll deal with will have judgement, they’re all there to help,” Tom added.

This autumn, HWLincs will host a series of webinars with experts in men’s mental health support opportunities.

HWLincs worked with a group of men to help shape the campaign. Tom said: “The amazing help we had from this group revealed there is still a strong stigma attached to men’s mental health but overwhelmingly this is something men want to remove.

“They also identified that looking out for friends is important. Not just accepting ‘I’m ok’, as an answer when someone seems down, is a big change we can make.”

To find out how to speak to someone about their mental health or get help for your own, visit

Hard copies of the directory are being printed and will be available early August.


A Better Way was developed as part of the Shine Lincolnshire, Lincolnshire County Council and NHS Lincolnshire Community Suicide Prevention Innovation Fund.


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