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Nursing Staff

Nurse Practitioners

The role of the Nurse Practitioner is one in which the clinician makes professionally autonomous decisions for which they are accountable.  In the role they screen patients for disease risk factors and early signs of illness.  The Nurse Practitioner can order investigations and prescribe medication when necessary.  Our Nurse Practitioners work collaboratively with the Doctors and Nursing team to provide the best health care possible for our patients.

Mrs Pauline Gray (f)

Joined the Practice on 23 July 2018.  Pauline will be working Mondays, Thursdays & Fridays.

Mrs Ann Harland (f)

Will be joining the Practice in September 2017 as a regular locum.  Ann will be working mainly Mondays & Tuesdays.

Practice Nurses

There are 3 Practice Nurses at Billinghay Medical Practice.  Their roles and experience varied and the patients they see through the course of a day are very individual requiring them to continually adapt to the needs of the patient they are seeing.

The nurses normally start their working day at 8.30am and work until 6.30pm every day (with some extended clinics on a Wednesday until 7.45pm).

Their daily routine before the clinics start is:

  • Log onto computer.
  • Record fridge temperatures and reset (start and end of day).
  • Cleaning of room and any equipment needed for the day.
  • Ensure enough vaccines are available.
  • Get injections from dispensary that may be needed for the day.

Clinic appointments are between 10-50 minutes dependant on the patient and review type.

In treatment room clinics we can typically see patients for the following:

  • Dressings including removal of sutures or clips.
  • Vaccinations / Injecting of medications.
  • Ear irrigation.
  • Blood tests including INR – Warfarin monitoring.
  • Smears.
  • Contraception reviews including removal of coils.
  • ECGs (including 24 hour) and BP fitting /removal.
  • Travel consultations.
  • Patient education.

Two of the nurses also see patients for annual Chronic Disease (Long-term conditions) reviews.  These include:

  • Diabetic.
  • Asthma.
  • COPD.
  • Spirometry (lung function test)

As required, we are required to assist the GPs with coil fittings, implant fittings, minor surgery and pessary changes.

The Treatment room has the emergency equipment which is used during emergency situations (chest pain, asthma attacks, anaphylaxis etc).  When this happens, the nurse stays with the patient and monitors vital signs, whilst waiting for the emergency services to take over.

After the clinics have finished for the day, we carry out various administration tasks that include:

  • Travel risk assessments from information submitted on travel forms.
  • Act on tasks sent by GPs and contact patients with information.
  • Complete electronic letters (usually hospital letters that have procedures that need coding onto records or require us to contact a patient for a procedure).
  • Refer to other agencies (District Nurse, Diabetes specialist nurse, retinopathy etc…)
  • Check stock levels and order as required ensuring stock is used in strict rotation.
  • Clean and tidy the room ready for the following day.

Mrs Sheena Robinson (f)

Lead Nurse (RN)

Teresa Wells (f)


Mrs Lucy Bond (f)

RN – Lucy Joined the Practice in August 2015

Healthcare Assistants

We have two Health Care Assistants (HCA) working at the surgery.

The Health Care Assistants (HCAs) at Billinghay Medical Practice normally start work by 08:30.  Their routine before they commence their clinic is:

  • Recording the fridge temperatures
  • Clean room
  • Log onto the computer
  • Prepare their trolley for the day’s clinic starting at 08:40
  • During their clinic they normally see patients in 10 or 20 minutes appointments for:
  • Blood tests
  • Blood pressure
  • ECGs
  • Memory checks
  • NHS and over 75 Health Checks (normally on Tuesday PM or in the Wednesday extended hours clinic)
  • Some injections

In between appointments, the HCA will check the sample boxes throughout the morning, complete tasks from the GP/NP which can include repeating samples and contacting patients to make further appointments.  Complete scanned documents (letters) from the hospital requesting treatments to be carried out at the surgery (this requires the HCA to contact the patient and book and appointment).

In addition, we issue / return home BP monitors (when these are returned we average the readings and pass them through to the GPs).

One day a week, we each have admin time to finish tasks and letters and recall patients on secondary care initiated medication (specialised drug monitoring).  All blood tests need recording and any abnormal results reporting to the GPs

Prior to finishing, we normally prepare for the following day’s clinic by printing of blood request forms.

Miss Kate Ellis (f)

Kate joined the Practice in March 2014.

Mrs Kirstie Roberts (f)

Kirstie joined the Practice in July 2018.


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